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Passion since day one

The Technology Of Today was established on 10 February 2012 by dickwyn and avinaash and based in Malaysia, since day one we have strived to bring tech content to the netizens. Founded under passion for technology we started off blogging about computer hardware because we wanted to share our knowledge to the people on the internet, like the saying goes 'sharing is caring'. Continuing few months down the road we started blogging about mobile phones and at the same time aderen joined the team and brought in his know-how in android customization to the page. In June 2012 we also launched our sister blog which is based on our home region which is Malaysia and is aimed towards local tech news, you can check that out here. Fast forward to the the present date and both Avinaash and Aderen has left due to certain reasons. Currently we are mainly positioned at writing content about mobile devices only but in the future we will be expanding to cover more tech topics. Since launch we have partnered with a few websites, you can check out our partners list below. If you would be interested to be partnering with us to share resources contact us here
"Sharing Our Knowledge With The World"
Our main goal is not to be better than any of the bigger tech blogs out there but to provide the internet with a unique reading experience as most of the content here are solely our opinions. We are always passionate in bringing content which is both creative and innovative to the readers. In addition to that we are also always exploring new articles styles so that the readers won't get bored of reading tech content from us.


The Team
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