Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why A Gold iPhone Would Make Perfect Sense

Today is the 24rd of August and the Summer season is about to end which means Fall is arriving and that is when all of the exciting events unravel. Various companies will be holding press events for product launches all around the world and today i'll be specifically talking about Apple and to more precise, the iPhone will be the main topic of today. If you have not been unplugged from the internet or dissociated with social networks you would have most probably heard about Apple's upcoming iPhone(s) which will include the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. In this article i will be touching on the iPhone 5S leaks which has increased in volume in the past few days.
"as usual leaks are overflowing as we near the launch event"
Well, this whole week was a usual week with a lot of news and leaks but something which caught my eye in the pool of news topics is the rumor of a champagne gold iPhone which then lead to a string of leaks and mockups which flooded the internet. But if you give this rumor a thought, with prior iPhones several companies have been opening services to make gold colored iPhones and even in an overkill statement, some also tried burying the iPhone with real gold. Personally i think that this rumor has a future and i'm pretty much standing by it, you may begin thinking why? 
To understand why Apple is potentially producing a champagne gold iPhone, you have to go way back to WWDC 2013 where Apple announced iOS 7. If you read my article on my thoughts about iOS 7 a few months back then you would have known that the thing which i detested the most on iOS 7 is the icons which are brightly colored. In addition to that if you have been noticing one thing on the iOS 7 product video you would understand where i'm going on with this article. The iOS 7 product videos and demos did on stage were all done on a white iPhone 5. Continuing my point, the stock iOS 7 homescreen is full of vivid an bright colors which is perfect on a white panel but for a black panel it'll just look bad. I can see why Apple chose to make the sacrifice in making iOS 7 look more nicer on a white iPhone because white iPhones are selling better than its black counterpart. Going back to my main point the introduction of a champagne gold iPhone is actually pretty plausible. Plus, people love the color of gold which is calm and signifies premiumness. Well i have basically said everything in my will about the champagne gold iPhone, wheter you choose to believe, thats for you the reader to deiced. Do tell me your thoughts about this topic in the comments below. 

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