Saturday, March 29, 2014

Challenge Yourself to go Beyond the Hour this Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2014
Earth is the planet we live in and in the past few years people are starting to concern about the welfare of our planet. Earth Hour is one of the movement which is happening worldwide every year. It all started 8 years ago in Australia and today it has become a global effort and takes place in over 7000 towns and cities worldwide every year. During the predetermined day every year which usually falls on a Saturday in the month of March, people all around the world would turn off their lights for 1 hour (8:30-9:30PM) to show their support towards protecting the planet. Well this year, Earth Hour falls on the 29 of March which is today! and as of writing this article both New Zealand and Australia have completed their earth hour movement. So i would like to challenge you this year to go beyond the hour by turning off the lights when they are not used to conserve energy. Overall this 1 hour movement is not made to reduce carbon emissions because it has been proven that even if everybody shut their lights for one hour, it wouldn’t drastically reduce the carbon emissions we make everyday. However, this movement is to encourage people all around the world to unite and leave aside their differences to conquer a bigger problem. Also, to join in the movement i will be darkening the background of the blog for 24 hours to show our support towards the movement
"alright, lights off!"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My First Impressions on the HTC One (M8)

htc one m8
For years android phones have been criticized to be ugly looking and does not have a premium look and feel to it. But in 2013, that all changed when HTC announced the HTC One (M7) which featured an aluminium build which was solidly build and many said it was the iPhone of android phones. The original HTC One (M7) turned out to be the company’s best selling phone of all time and throughout the year, HTC grabbed numerous awards for the industrial build quality of the device. Fast forward to the present day, the successor to the original HTC One (M7) is announced and not surprisingly, HTC calls the new device the ‘HTC One (M8)’.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Current State of Smartphones and App Stores | Infographic

Mobile App Store Statistics
These days, smartphones are all the rage and talk. basically everywhere you go, you would surely encounter someone which is staring blankly into their smartphone screen and not paying attention to their surroundings.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How I Made TouchWiz Look & Feel Cool!

Touchwiz and Nova Launcher

For the past 35 weeks (~9 months), i have been using Nova Launcher as my main launcher on my phone. This week, i decided to go back to TouchWiz mainly because i wanted to know what is the performance and customizability difference between the two launchers. One of the main reasons why i went over to nova launcher is because i felt that TouchWiz was really lacking in some customizing opportunities compare to nova launcher which is deemed the most versatile third-party launcher available to date.

In addition to that, i was pretty much running out of ideas on how to customize TouchWiz for the ‘Weekly Homescreen’ segment (check out my weekly homscreen at our social media pages every sunday night). Well, since the very first week that i used Nova Launcher i already had the mindset that TouchWiz sucks is no match for Nova Launcher.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Initial Thoughts of The Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5
Galaxy S and Galaxy S56 years ago android was still in its toddler years and in 2009, Samsung was among the handful of manufacturers making android devices. At that time people were mostly having Blackberry’s or PDA’s and a partial amount of people going along with Apple’s iPhone 3G. 2009 was pretty much the year of android as it was gaining substantial users both Motorola and HTC were playing their A game as they were dominating the android market. Then on March 2010, Samsung announced their third android device, the Galaxy S—Samsung’s first two android devices where the ‘Samsung Galaxy’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy Lite’, these names sound familiar eh? The Galaxy S turned out to be a big success as Samsung managed to sell 10 million units that year (25 million units throughout its life). Their success was prevalent because they had a winning formula—their AMOLED screen was the big thing because it displayed out bright and vibrant colors. That’s not it, the device was also super slim and lightweight. Fast forward 5 years and the 5th Galaxy S device has been announced.
"the Galaxy S wasn’t meant to be a flagship device"

Monday, March 3, 2014

What is The Nokia X?

The dream of Android on Nokia’s hardware is finally a living and breathing reality. After numerous concepts and rumors about Nokia creating an android powered device throughout the years, Nokia finally dropped the bomb at Mobile World congress earlier this week. They announced a new category which is supposedly the convergence of Asha and Lumia in terms of design and software. Nokia X or ‘android on nokia’ is probably the last series of handsets bearing the Nokia name because after the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition is complete, the ‘Nokia’ name will most likely be changed to only ‘Asha’ and ‘Lumia’. What Microsoft plans to do with this line of devices is yet to be known but one thing’s for sure is that the first three devices will be in the hands of users this week and the rest of the story is yet to be known.