Sunday, September 18, 2016

Samsung Pay review, as good as it sounds

A couple weeks back, I wrote about my initial experience with mobile payments through Google's Android Pay platform. Since then, I have gotten myself Samsung's new Galaxy Note7 and that opened up the doors for me to try Samsung's very own payment platform called Samsung Pay. As of today, Samsung Pay is only available in 8 countries but Samsung is working towards doubling that number within the next 12 months.

One of the biggest advantage that Samsung Pay has over other mobile payment platforms is it's support for both NFC and MST (abbreviation of Magnetic Security Transmission) transactions. This is the result of Samsung's US$ 250 million acquisition of the startup Looppay which designed the actual technology that enables payments to be made through the magnetic strip of a payment terminal.

Ever since I started using Samsung Pay, I never once looked back. So here's my review.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Talking about dbrand's customer service

third time's the charm?

dbrand makes one of the best skins for tech related items, there's no denying that but (in my opinion) their customer service needs to be improved. As of today, I have bought their skins for three times (all three during their storewide sale. bamboo, concrete and hyperblack skin launches). During the first time, everything went pretty smoothly but the second time was a complete nightmare. Not only did I have to wait nearly three weeks to receive my skin but one of my skin ended up being wrongly cut.

To a certain degree, dbrand's customer service is good in the sense that it is systematic but depending on your mood, their "robots" can either be a humorous thing or be something that ticks you off especially when you are trying to get a legitimate response from them about a problem.