Sunday, July 29, 2012

GTX 660 Ti

The GTX 660 Ti according to rumors will be the card which has very good performance and also a good price, this is because it is using the GK 104 chip. It is rumored to be launching on August 16 with some sources confirming the date. There are some leaked images of the GTX 660 Ti manufactured by EVGA, These images looks like the real deal. From the image we can clearly see that the PCB of it is shorter than the shroud covering it which is similar to the GTX 670. From the image we also can interpret that the GTX 660 Ti is powered through a single 6-pin power connector. The rear I/O include 2 DVI ports (1 X Single Link and 1 X Dual Link), one HDMI port, and 1 Display port, there are also two SLI fingers present in this card. This card uses a blower type fan which cools an aluminum heatsink fin array with a copper base which is pretty similar to the cooling system on stock coolers. More specs on this card was acquired from chinese forum RedQuaser. They revealed that this card has two different models. They suggested that the non-reference 660 Ti will have a 256-bit memory bus, 1152 CUDA cores, and dual 6-pin power connectors. Additionally they also mentioned that the 660 Ti's core speed is set at 980MHz and a boost clock of 1123MHz. Performance wise this card managed to score X2700 in 3D Mark11 extreme preset and the score achieved by the 660 Ti is similar to the one scored by the HD 7950. The second model will have 1344 CUDA cores with a 192-bit memory bus. Both of the models will come with 2GB GDDR5 memory. 
Source: Wccftech and Wccftech 
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