Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nokia Teases New Camera Technology

In early June Nokia announced that they will be acquiring image experts from scalado which is the leader in the mobile imaging industry. And now they have sealed the deal and teases some upcoming camera technology. One thing to take note is that Scalado still has a deal with RIM and this deal remains good, so we’ll see that incredible best image technology arrive in BB10. As to Nokia, they are keeping what is coming from the imaging department a secret. Nokia’s vice president of software management, Samuli Hanninen said that “imaging is about to go through another major revolution.” The pictures we take on Nokia Lumia devices will allegedly come with much more background information. “One example is the way phones can enrich photos with contextual data. It can know the who, what, where and when behind every picture and use that intelligently,” Hanninen explained. what’s really interesting is the upcoming technology will enable changing the composition, so that different parts of the image are in focus, much like that Lytro camera magic we’ve already heard about.
We’re talking about ‘recapturing’ moments. Your photos can contain so much information that you can go back and make new pictures that are completely different, in non-destructive ways – maybe focused on the sunset that was behind your girlfriend’s shoulder in the original,” Hanninen said. Now that’s exciting, isn’t it?

Source: Phonearena 
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