Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nokia Has Some Surprises For Us On September 7

Nokia posted signs in front of their flagship store in Helsinki. On the sign it is written "SOMETHING AMAZING IS COMING... 7.9.12". One thing we can interpret from the sign is that the amazing is coming on the 7th of september which is 2 days after Nokia World which is on the 5th of September. The only logical thing which Nokia could possibly give consumers is Windows Phone 8 which is only coming in october with the launch of Windows 8. Maybe Nokia is giving us a sneak preview of upcoming Lumia devices. If you look closely a the photo you can clearly see that Nokia is planing to release a Windows Phone. Or maybe Nokia is going to launch their very first Lumia Pureview phone which is said to come very soon.
Source: Phonearena
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