Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spike Physical Qwerty Keyboard For The iPhone

Since the launch of the original iPhone steve said that the physical keyboard is a problem and the solution he gave was a full touchscreen with a customisable keys for the keyboard. But to some users typing on glass really not as good as typing on a physical keyboard. So for the past few years some companies try to make physical keyboards for the iPhone which was not quite successful. But today a company by the name of SoloMatrix developed Spike. Spike turns a physical QWERTY keyboard into part of a protective case so that it doesn't stand out. Spike comes in three different configurations one of them being a limited edition version with an aluminum body and custom engraving. Spike1 in the other hand has a keyboard that rotates to the back, leaving a little hump. Spike2 lets you store the QWERTY in the back, flush with the body of the Apple iPhone. One of the best things is that the spike is fully made in the US. The project is kickstarter funded and so far they have 156 backers who have pledged $13,562 and they need to raise $75,000 with just 34 days left. Spike1 will retail for $35 and a $20  pledge will get you the unit for the iPhone in black. Pledge $25 and you have the choice of receiving the Spike1 in black or white. A pledge of $40 or more gets you the premium Spike2 version which is expected to retail for $60. So if you like the tactile feeling of a physical keyboard on a iPhone the spike is a highly unique accessory and i highly recommend looking into this product. 
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