Sunday, July 22, 2012

Samsung Executive Says 10 Million Units Of The Galaxy S III Has Been Sold

The Samsung Galaxy S lineup of android phones is no doubt one of the factors of Samsung's success. The Galaxy S II managed to sell 24 million units within 10 months and the Galaxy S managed to sell 20 million units in a 2 year period. The Samsung Galaxy S III is no doubt now the most advanced phone ever built by any company. Many people loved the Galaxy S III and it has now achieved 10 million units sold. This info came from Shin Jong-Kyun, a Samsung senior executive which told reporters that the company has sold more than 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S III. No specific sales figures were revealed. The Galaxy S III has been on the shelves since June in European and Asian countries and recently came to the major carriers in US. This is pretty amazing a the Galaxy S III managed to sell 10 million units in just under 2 months. Currently the Galaxy S III is available in 140 countries. "It appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units," repeated Samsung's head of mobile, J.K. Shin, although it wasn't clear if he was talking about sales to retailers or to end-users. Although it is unclear but this is also a major achievement for Samsung as well as Android. This rectify's Samsung's position as the world's top smartphone manufacturer. J.K. Shin expects the number to grow to 20 million units sold by this fall. 

Source: Phonearena 
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