Thursday, July 12, 2012

BlackBerry Windows Phone 8 Concept

RIM is currently facing some problems and has pushed the BB10 release to Q1 of 2013 from Q4 2012. The problem with Blackberry phones now are the fact that it does not feature full touchscreen phones and many consumers are attached with iOS and android. When RIM previewed blackberry OS 10 it looked like it was going to catch eyes of some users, but since they pushed the release, it keeps consumers thinking whether if they would last until the launch of Blackberry 10 which is 6 months away. Then few weeks back there were some rumors that Microsoft is planning to acquire RIM. If this is true then future Blackberry phones will be running Windows Phone 8. BB10 looks promising but WP8 looks like a more solid OS and is most definitely going to succeed. Here are some concepts of how it will look like if Blackberry phones do run Windows Phone 8:
Source: Phonearena 
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