Wednesday, July 11, 2012

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Mold Appears

A few quick shots of alleged iPhone 5 and iPad Mini engineering samples have appeared from the confines of Apple's Chinese supply chain, or so they claim. The mold has a dimension which seem to be about 4.72"x2.36" (120mm x 60mm), compared to the current crop's 4.54" x 2.31", indicating a slightly taller and wider device and thus having the 4-inch screen. The mold design of the mold matches up with the rumors or leaked photos. The mold show two lines one on top and one below which indicates maybe it will have two tones. The iPad mini in the other hand looks to be quite thin and matches up to the rumor that it will take on the shape of the iPod and thus making it one of the thinnest tablet around. The dock connector also looks like it is smaller and there are now two speaker grills and are near the dock connector. 
Source: Phonearena
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