Thursday, July 5, 2012

Microsoft Will Not Be Making Their Own Windows Phone 8 Handsets

Microsoft was not happy with what their partners are doing with Windows tables so they decided to make their own tablet called surface and so far it is one of the most nicest looking tablets around. But when it comes to smartphones, Microsoft is very confident that its partners will be embracing the best of Windows Phone so Microsoft is not planning to make its own device.
"Our hardware partners are doing some really cool things for the Windows Phone 8 launch. We are really excited by the hardware we are seeing from our current partners. We are big believers in them," Greg Sullivan, Senior Product manager at Microsoft’s Windows Phone department said in an interview for Pocket-lint.  
Till now Nokia, Samsung and HTC will be the biggest partners of Windows Phone 8. With Samsung and HTC putting more focus on android, it is Nokia's job to show a unique design for Windows Phone 8 and differentiate itself from the pack. So now is the time of waiting till Windows Phone 8 launches at fall. 

Source: Phonearena
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