Thursday, July 19, 2012

Apple Has Been Forced To Apologise To Samsung By British Judge

Apple has been ordered by a british judge to publicly apologise to Samsung and CNET UK created an image of how the apology might look like. The judge also ordered apple to post on newspaper adverts stating that they are sorry and admitting that Samsung did not copy the iPad from every aspect. They are also ordered to put an apology on their website which must stay for the next 6 months. These adverts are to brainwash undo any damage caused to samsung's reputation after Apple accused the Korean manufacturer of "slavishly copying" the design and even the packaging of the iPad. Ruling this case was Judge Birss who decided that Samsung did not copy the iPad. In the same breath he wiped the smile off Samsung's face by asserting that Samsung kit lacks Apple's "understated and extreme simplicity", hilariously adding Samsung is "not as cool." Then he wiped any trace of a smirk from Apple's collective face with today's unusual order of doing a public apology. This is by far one of the most funniest stories i have ever encountered and for Apple this is a quite embarrassing moment for them. 

Source: CNET UK and TechEYE 
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