Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Next Gen iPhone Coming With 4G LTE and Double the RAM

The iPhone is slated for a sept-oct release and is said to have started test production in Foxconn. The latest rumors state that the next gen iPhone will have 4G LTE and will have 1GB of RAM. NFC is also part of the rumors. An inside source for BGR revealed some interesting details around the whole process of an iPhone making it to retail shelves. Allegedly, first iPhone go through a series of “engineering verification tests” (EVT), and once they clear those they enter the “design verification test” (DVT) phase. Only then, the handsets hit the production lines. So, the new iPhone hasn’t started production just yet, according to BGR’s source, but it’s entirely possible that Apple is making engineering samples. 

Here’s a couple of other interesting facts about previous iPhones as well: 

  • The Verizon-branded iPhone 4 made it to the EVT2 phase in mid-November, hit EVT3 in the last week of November, and finally got to DVT2 at the end of December. 
  • The iPhone 4 that was lost in a bar in San Francisco was actually in DVT stage. 
China's is now offering its new cases for the upcoming version of the Apple iPhone. The case is following the specifications of the rumors and the headphone jack is located below. This is in fact just a gamble as nobody knows how the next gen iPhone looks like yet. has a notice by the cases that it cannot "guarantee this product can be used with the iPhone 5." The case also show that the dock connector is significantly smaller and adds up to the rumor of apple changing the dock to a 19 pin connector from a 30 pin connector. We are yet to know how it looks like in the sept-oct time frame. Stay tuned for more rumors. 

Source: Phonearena and Phonearena 
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