Sunday, July 15, 2012

Next Generation iPhone Leaks

It is about 3 months before apple is going to launch the next generation. One thing that we can confirm is that it will in fact come with a larger display to compete with android devices. Siri and iOS 6 is also confirmed. Along with the launch of the iOS in fall Apple is most probably going to announce the iPhone alongside with iOS 6. Production of the next generation iPhone has already started according to sources, and takes 2-3 months to produce the massive amount of phones for the holiday season. There are some leaks of the next gen iPhone and this time it looks like it is fully built with the hardware and screen. These pictures come from KitGuru, who indicated that the photos are of a test assembly unit and were taken somewhere in “the Far East”. The photos also show off the new connector that has been expected on this year's iPhone, and it clearly will not work with current iPhone peripherals without some sort of adapter so that users can continue to use their accessories. The images looks legit so we see little reason to doubt them in that sense. On thing is that we don't know at what stage of development exactly this test assembly was made, so it may not reflect the visuals of the final product exactly. However, you don't start to test production until you are fairly far along in design development. So these images you see might just resemble the final product with some moderation. Then two days after these pictures leaked chinese sources reports that there are some design changes involved in the production and stated that the glass has been added to the unibody back of the next gen iPhone. Some reports also state that the next gen iPhone will indeed have a unibody casing and the model being produced will include an inlaid piece of glass between the top and bottom edges. If this is true then it will replace the original design of a plain aluminum surface on the back which is sandwiched with gorilla glass. The new design will also incorporate a backplate which will only partially cover the glass material. It is speculated that this change was made due to an increase to the display size from 3.5" to 4" and a change in aspect ratio to 16:9. Then another photo also shows the iPhone's microphone will be situated between the LED flash and the rear camera which some say is for use in video recording. Latest pictures of the leak however don't show the small microphone. Sources say that the mini microphone hole is still there but is too small to see with the naked eye. 
Then today the frontplate of the next generation iPhone leaked as production starts. What we have is the frontplate of the next gen iPhone in white and black. The frontplate incorporates most of the rumors flooding the net which is the face time camera being place above the earpiece and not on the left side of the phone. This change could mean that facetime might be able to record 720P videos or video chat with even more clarity. The rumored 4" panel is present. The resolution which rumored is 1136 by 640. 
 iPhone Photo Leaks:

Source: Phonearena and Phonearena and Phonearena 
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