Saturday, March 31, 2012

Intel DZ77GA-70K

The DZ77RE-75K and the DZ77GA-70K shares the same PCB and has the same feature set with the major difference being that the DZ77RE-75K will support Thunderbolt support. However, as Intel's Cactus Ridge Thunderbolt chipset isn't quite ready as yet, it looks like this model will launch later in the year. Looking at the PCB of the DZ77GA-70K on can clearly see a missing chip just left of the topmost x16 PCI Express slot  and a missing connector right next to the audio jacks. beyond the specifications mentioned, the pictures reveal some additional features, although thanks to Intel blanking out the text on all the peripheral chipsets on the board, it's a little bit hard figuring out what they all are. It appears that the additional SATA 6Gbps ports are via Marvell's second generation SATA 6Gbps controllers if we're not entirely mistaken and there also appears to be a PLX PCI Express bridge chip on the board. Amusingly it seems like Intel's motherboard division has run into the fact that the company's chipset division doesn't like adding a sufficient amount of PCI Express lanes to it chipsets and as such had to add the PLX bridge. There is also 2 internal USB 3.0 internal headers. there is also a vertical facing HDMI port.

Source: Vr-Zone