Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raspberry Pi computer casing

It is still very tricky to get your hands on a new $35 Raspberry Pi computer at the moment. Manufactures have already started creating cases for the new mini Raspberry Pi computer that comes supplied as a bare is similar to the previous Raspberry Pi computer case we featured the new ModMyPi Raspberry Pi case is constructed as a two part split case with pinch locking mechanism. The case is made from drop and splash resistant ABS Plastic and has been tested with for compatibility with Raspberry Pi Model B computer.On the underneath air vents have been added to keep the Raspberry Pi computer cool whilst enclosed, and the case will be available in 5 colours when it launches on April 5th. However if you would like to preorder the Raspberry Pi computer case its now available to purchase for £7.99 from ModMyPi.

Source: Geekygadgets