Saturday, March 17, 2012

GTX 680 Pictured

NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce GTX 680 “Kepler GK104″ based GPU has been pictured by Fudzilla along with complete specifications which show that the GPU features a reference clock speed of 1006Mhz. the reference design, featuring HDMI, DVI-I and DVD-D as display outputs located at the rear panel along with an exhaust panel. All of the display ports work together which allows for HD 3D Vision Multi Display support through a single Kepler GPU. The card holds a total of 1536 Stream Processors , A 2GB GDDR5 (256-bit wide) Memory which runs at 6GHz effective clock speeds. PCIe Gen 3 Support is added however the card can also run on PCIe 2.0/1.0 boards. The total card bandwidth is 192 GB/s and total Texture fill rate is 128.8 GT/s. The card features a blower fan design which ventilates air to a central aluminum heatsink. A huge GeForce Logo is also located at the side of the card aside the stacked 6 Pin connectors, TDP is rated at 195W. 

Source: Wccftech via Fudzilla