Sunday, July 1, 2012

Android Along these years

All of this was started with one phone the T-Mobile G1 which is launched on the 22nd of October 2008. And now in the year 2012 many advancements has brought Jellybean the latest iteration of android. Android evolved very fast in just 4 years and now we have the loved ICS which is denoted the most biggest changes since the launch of android. Android continues to reign taking over 50% of the market share. But iOS and WP8 are not far behind. 
Released  September 15, 2009  (in 0.6% of android phones)
Released October 26, 2009 (in 5.2% of android phones)
Released May 20, 2010 (in 19.1% of android phones)
Released December 6, 2010 (in 65% of android phones)
Released October 19, 2011 (in 7.1% of android phones)

Source: Theverge
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