Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nokia Q2 Sales, Sold 4 Million Lumia Sales

Nokia unveiled their financials for Q2 2012 and the results don't look that good but still bearable. They soled 4 million Lumia devices and sold a total of 10.2 million smartphones. Which makes nearly half of all smartphones nokia sold in Q2 running WP. The results shown in Q2 is still better than in Q1 and Q4 2011. However they still registered a net loss of 826 million euro or around $1 billion euros in this quarter. The net sales is around $9.22 billion and is slightly up from last quarter. Microsoft is still giving Nokia 1 billion euros a year which is equivalent to $250K each quarter. The price of lumia phones also went down from 220 euros per handset in Q1 to 186 euros per handset in Q2. In the US nokia sold 600,000 lumia devices including the Lumia 900. So Lumia phones are still not that popular in the US. Nokia's feature phone business actually grew by 2% year on year in the second quarter as the company shipped 73.5 million of the basic devices. So overall Q2 is a small leap from Q1 to Nokia and Q3 does not look that good for Nokia because Windows Phone 8 will only be coming in the last quarter and in time for the holidays. Maybe the mysterious event on the 7th of September might help Nokia in Q3.
Source: Phonearena
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