Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Now Available

The latest iteration of Mac is now available. This time around Mountain Lion brings iOS integration to Macs. There are over 200 new features in mountain lion, which most of them are related to iOS. Some notable features are game center, notification center, iCloud integration and many more. Game center allows users to play multiplayer games with iOS devices and Macs provided the game is supported on Mac. Apple also brought iMessage to mountain lion, so now users can use iMessage to send free messages to macs and ios devices. Like iOS 6 twitter integration is also present in mountain lion. Facebook integration is now not available yet but it will come in fall as a small update in mountain lion. Safari in mountain lion is also revamped and can now search directly from the URL box which is something like the omnibox on chrome. Power nap will allow the MBP with retina display and the latest macbook air receive updates, backup to time machine, sync photos, sync mail, and many more while it your mac is asleep. Gatekeeper is one notable feature in mountain lion which allows user to choose to install apps only certified by apple or apps certified by apple and identified developers or the last choice is install from anywhere. Voice dictation is present in mountain lion and works like how it works on the new iPad.  Mountain Lion is available now from the Mac App Store or you can upgrade for free from the Mac App Store with the Up-to-Date Program if you recently bought your new Mac which doesn't include Mountain Lion on or after June 11, 2012. For those who's not verified for the Up-to-Date Program you can upgrade to mountain lion at only $19.99 at Mac App Store. 

Source: Theverge
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