Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pureview Technology Coming To Lumia Phones Very Soon

The Pureview Technology is something which stands and might help Nokia regain market share as their stock is at a 15 year low and still dropping. This technology first debuted on the Nokia 808 Pureview which was showcased in MWC 2012 and won best in show. The 808 pureview although has the best camera a smartphone can have it still lacks in the software as symbian has some limitations. When the phone was announced many US residents was interested in the device even though it is running symbian. The only reason why the 808 Pureview is in the states is because many consumers requested for it as carriers refuse to take it in. Also shortly after the 808 pureview was announced many users asked when will this technology debut in the Lumia Windows Phone lineup. So if you were waiting for a Lumia Pureview phone, we have good news as Nokia's VP of Worldwide Developer Relations Richard Kerris said a Lumia Pureview will be coming very soon. He also said that they want to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market and was talking about bendable screens and wraparound displays. The wraparound display, for example, wold make the device look like a camera when you use it to take pictures. If you remember in the year 2008 a device called the Nokia Morph made an appearance on a video. Then a few months back, Nokia said it would seek a patent for the concept. He also thinks that Nokia can innovate its way out of the problems they're facing which is a clue that new products will arrive this fall for the holiday season. 
Source: Phonearena
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