Thursday, July 19, 2012

MSI Readies A HD 7970 GHZ Edition Lightning Card With A Water Block

MSI's Lightning edition cards are no doubt one of the best performing card out there which can be easily overclocked and has superior cooling. They are now readying the HD 7970 GHz edition card and equipping it with an EK waterblock. The last time MSI placed a waterblock on their cards was on their GTX 480 which was about 2 years back. This time they are putting it on a lightning card which will help in cooling. The card ships with a pre-installed full-coverage water-block, made by EK WaterBlocks (EKWB). The specs are similar to the 7970 GHz but the clock speeds might differ as this is a watercooled graphics card. 

Source: Techpowerup
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