Friday, July 20, 2012

Samsung Starting To Manufacture Flexible Amoled Displays This Quarter

According to Korean IT news website DDaily, Samsung will start producing Flexible Amoled (YOUM) displays this quarter. These displays are going to be significantly thinner than current amoled displays. The YOUM display is 0.6mm compared to 1.8mm on current amoled displays. The first production run or this display will be protected with inflexible glass despite korean conglomerate showing off bendable, rollable displays in the past. We speculate that Samsung will bring these panels which are just under 1mm with the protective glass on top. Samsung is also planning to release a device with this panel by the end of 2012 and it seems like there is progress. One of Samsung's goal was to mass produce truly flexible displays by 2014 which is 2 years from now. Here below is a comparison between YOUM panels and other competing solutions
Source: TheVerge and Phonearena 
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