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Android In The Business Cloud

android in the business cloud

In the 21st century smartphones are basically taking over the world by storm and Android in particular is powering more than 80% of the smartphones worldwide. One of the current trends which Google and even Microsoft is heavily pushing out now is cloud storage. These days individuals and even big companies are beginning to store their data in the cloud because it’s simply more easier and with the internet being a norm everywhere, data can virtually be accessed anywhere. In today’s article, Dan Radak will be talking all about android in the cloud with enterprise users in mind.

Android in the cloud by Dan Radak

Keeping our documents on desktop or laptop computers is slowly becoming an out-of-date method. Thanks to the rapid development of the cloud service and online drives, every businessperson can access his or data more easily than ever. Due to that, the overall business running methods are changing and those who accept the new reality will be at the front of the business race, while those who are slower or suspicious towards the new technologies will definitely fall behind. Losing the pace with the current technological and business trends can significantly harm to your business and income, which is why you should dig into the new momentum at once and harness the technological novelties for you own benefit.

Paper-free, business-safe

You need three basic things from cloud and android phones connected with the cloud: speed, security and easy access. If you are on a business trip to a foreign country and cannot take all the data that you need with you, cloud is the best option. Of course, you can bring your laptop or an external hard disk with you, on which you can have all the crucial data for your business. However, it can happen that you lose them or they get stolen. When on cloud, you can never lose your data and you do not have to bring dozens of gadgets with you. A smartphone is everything you need of equipment. From it, you can enter your cloud account, edit the contents, add new documents, erase the old ones etc. The only question is what cloud enhancing applicatons to choose and here are some possible options.

Dropbox for smooth operations

Dropbox logo pngOne of the pioneers of data storing cloud, Dropbox remains among the most reliable and practical cloud applications, both for individuals and business entities. Dropbox offers its users some ordinary options, such as documents storing and sharing, as well as uploading photos, which you can zap through. Also, you can download to and upload from your mobile device at any moment you want. The drawback is that Dropbox gives only 2 GB of space for free and upgrades need to be paid for.

SugarSync - all in one app

sugar sync logo pngWith SugarSync you can do numerous things for free and this application can serve as a real media and data cloud hub. You can easily access and change, upload and download your documents, files, music folders, photo albums, videos and do many other things. This application makes you able to be 24/7 online and do several things at the same time. For example, you can simultaneously listen to music stored on it, share it, upload files onto it and use various apps on the Android smartphone you are using at that moment. The amount of space that you get when being a free user is 5 GB and it will suffice your basic needs.

Smaller but handy applications 

Apart from these more famous and better known applications, there are some less renowned but still quite useful smaller applications. For example, Crucial offers very practical options as a virtual private server. Through it, you can easily access your virtual private server and manage it safely and quickly. Also, this site and its Crucial Mobile app for iPhone make a perfect couple for safe and fast virtual cloud and hosting. Besides Crucial, there is also Verizon Cloud. This fast-spreading application offers 500 MB of free data storage, but it gives a confident and safe back up service for all the data that you might lose and which will stay on cloud via Verizon Cloud app.Whatever applications and virtual cloud providers you choose, bear in mind that you have to join the team, or otherwise you will drop out of the game or stay at the tail of this fast-growing, rapidly-expanding cloud providing competition.

About the author

Dan RadakDan Radak is VPS security and Hosting general specialist. He is currently employed as a consultant in couple of web hosting companies and during his free time he likes to go fishing or making himself some beer. In addition to that, he is also quite passionate about cloud servers and everything in between. You can hit him him on Twitter if you have any queries or questions about this specific topic

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