Sunday, January 11, 2015

TTOT Update 2K15.1

Well, hey we're back. For the past few months or maybe for the last year this blog felt like it was being discontinued. The actual fact that in 2014 was busy year for me and yes laziness was also part of the problem. I entered college in January last year and since then i've been putting this blog on the sideline and focusing more towards my studies. But after about a year of dealing primarily with my college coursework and exams, i think that it's finally time for me to address this blog and continue to do what i like which is writing about tech. This post was actually going to be named an announcement but then i thought why not make it an update article because it's been quite popular in the Youtube world where the host talks about the current status of the channel and adds in some upcoming plans. For 2015, i am planning to change things around.

Last year during our 2nd anniversary post, i mentioned that this site will be moving towards more personal hands on thoughts on the products rather than just reporting the news being spread all over the internet. When i first implemented the strategy, everything felt right but making these articles will definitely take time for me to research up the topic and then only would i write up about it. The problem then was i was very particular with how the structure of the post should be and then ended up taking about a week to do some adjustments and also some procrastination started to kick in.
As the year started progressing i realized that the content on the site wasn't the type of thing i had in mind when i created it back in 2012. I started looking back at the news articles posted in 2012 and the feeling of accomplishment was there and also the feel of reporting news reminded me a lot about why i created The Technology of Today, it was to share what i knew.

So, in 2015 we will revive from reporting news but in a different channel; You might not already know but we also have a separate regional based site called The Technology of Today Malaysia and i decided to transform it from just reporting regional news but now just any type of tech relate news will be posted there. News have started flowing in since the first day of the year and the new layout i've implemented still needs to be worked on (ie, loading times, image compression, etc). So if you want to read the latest and greatest in tech news, be sure to check out that site.

Now moving back to this site, in 2014 we introduced a whole new design to the site and although it might not look as animated compared to the previous iteration, it does look more clean and straight to the content. There's quite a number of social features embedded into the site but the content is still on the forefront, currently i'm in the midst of designing up a new design which will unify our two blogs, so readers can easily transition from one blog to another. But don't expect that to come soon as it's still in the early design stages and i'm actually planning to hard code the entire site so expect it to come sometime in 2016.

Talking about social, for the past year since we transitioned into this new strategy, our social sites have been gracefully growing in users base. Other than announcing certain things we also constantly report some tech news all week round, so if you're not so much into reading long articles or you're just always on Twitter or Facebook (maybe Google+, anyone?) make sure to check out our social sites to get the latest dibs on the tech world.

About the content on this blog, i think i'll keep the current strategy of writing up features and review articles. And starting next week (i hope so), there will be a steady stream of new articles on a weekly basis and maybe i'll try to put a 'what's on next week' banner on the bottom of each concurrent posts to make it more like a serial article series which continues. Also i have plans of doing a weekly update series which will be posted on this site and will feature the news and rumors of the week as well as my weekly homescreen segment which i do on our social media sites. But for that, some planning must be done and the format should be similar to my earlier tech update series, maybe i'll revive the tech update?
I think that's about it for this very first update article, i'm not expecting to post update articles every month but every now and then when there is something i want to announce, i'll write up an update article. So what better way to wrap things up by showcasing the products which caught my eye during CES this week. As always, don't forget to follow us on out social sites; We mainly focus on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, follow us on any of those sites to get the latest news in the tech world. Yeah it's still a little faster to post a facebook update than to publish up a full blown news article, so yeah follow us there!

The new Dell XPS 13 really caught my eye with the infinity display.
The Asus Zenfone Zoom, a real interesting device and reminds us that the Lumia 1020 is getting a little old (Lumia 1030 soon?)
Yeah, the LG G Flex 2. Now comes with better specs (also first device to come with the new Snapdragon 810 CPU) and the curvy nature of the device comes just in time to make fun of the iPhone 6 Plus's #bendgate controversy.

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