Sunday, April 15, 2012

Core i7 3770K

intel Ivy Bridge processors are just a week away. reviewers are starting to do benchmarks of the 3770K; these benchmarks are starting to come out. According to the benchmarks being released the new ivy bridge processors are not as good overclockers compared to sandy bridge processors. reports also shows that Ivy Bridge processors could be the worse overclockers on air that is due to a fault in their 22nm Tri-Gate fabrication process where the transistors are being supplied high amounts of voltages so when users try to overclock these new processors at higher voltages, Due to excess current the temperatures sky-rocket. Pictures of the China retail box shows that the new 3770K will be a 95w TDP and will not 77w TDP. This is backed out by European retailer NordicHardware which has also confirmed the european versions also have a 95w TDP. 

Source: Wccftech via nordichardware
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