Monday, April 9, 2012


Evga introduced their Z77 FTW motherboard today. This board is geared up for third generation processors (AKA Ivy Bridge) on the LGA 1155. This board feature five of PCI express lanes which is capable of running 4 way SLI and CrossfireX, all of the PCI express lanes are PCIE 3.0 with exception of an Ivy Bridge CPU. This board has intergrated USB 3.0 and Sata 6GBps  by the intel Z77 chipset. This board also offers dual 8 pin CPU power connectors for maximum stability and extreme overclocking. There are also dual 6 pin power connectors for the PCI express slots, one power connector is used for multi-card stability whereas two power connectors are for extreme overclocking. A 7+1 Phase PWM, POSCAP Capacitors and a CPU socket with 300% increase in gold content deliver clean and stable power to your CPU. This board also supports oveclocks of memory up to 2133 MHz. This board is availible for pre-order at $329.99.

Source: Wccftech