Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Will Be Changing Platforms From Blogger To Wordpress

Well if you've been following our facebook page since the past week, then you would have seen this picture above here. Well today i am formally announcing that i'll be finally returning to blogging and you might say that what i am doing here at The Technology Of Today International is blogging and yes. But the point is that for the first time since i left the 3 years ago, i'll be starting to do some personal blogging. I remembered when i first started blogging it was around the year 2008/2007. At that time facebook and twitter was alive but it was not as widespread as the duo we know and love today. So i started my blogging journey with blogger as it was a pretty popular platform at that time for a free online blog. If not mistaken in that year alone i created over 6 blogs and up until recently i was trying to get back one of my blog with my name as the URL but i was not able to track down the email. The funny thing about it is that while trying to find the email behind that blog i found out i had a gmail account which was long forgotten, the most funny thing is that i had no recollection of creating that email but the password is to my knowing. Ok enough about that, fast forward to the present time, i am finally back to personal blogging and this time around i am switching platforms. I am announcing that for my personal blog i'll change to wordpress and as for this blog i have no plans of exporting it to wordpress so i'll be still using blogger one way another. You can read more about my journey of changing platforms in my blog at You can socialize with me via twitter via my twitter handle which is @dickwyn or via the hashtag #iChange. Well while i'm here i'll talk a little bit about my experience about changing platforms. At the beginning it sounded very fun indeed and before i start anything too in depth i did some research and found out that 50% of the top 20 blogs in the world are rocking wordpress. As i was researching more i got more and more excited. Up until i started jumping into the interface i was truly frustrated as there was really a learning curve to things and everything seemed misplaced. Well i won't continue any further, if you want to read more about my journey click here to read it in my blog. Here are some screenshots and some captions.
The blogger interface is really super simple and revealing as for the wordpress interface i don't even know where to screenshot because the interface was really very knocked up and it seems like everything is hiding from me, literally.
The new post page for blogger looks very complicated compared to the one on wordpress
The new post page on wordpress is really super simple and is more powerful than the one provided in blogger
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