Friday, June 14, 2013

My Thoughts On WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013 background
Its about 24 hours since Apple held their keynote at WWDC 2013 in the Moscone West center. As usual i'll do a wrap up article after some time because i want to get to look into the opinions around the web as well as some mysteries behind the just announced things. So this is my first year jumping into the mobile phone industry and this is my 2nd experience of the WWDC fever. To be frank i really liked this WWDC but i really missed the moments where Scott Forstall took the stage last year as he is the only person which could just present spontaneously and gets fast to the point. This year at WWDC a lot of things were different, this is also the first public press event Apple has held this year and i can see that Apple is in a route to announce new hardware at the end of the year from now onwards. The event started at about 10+ and this year's intro video was focused on simplicity with minimalistic text. Tim Cook then took the stage first and talked quite a bit about the current status of Apple and some of the achievements Apple has collected since the last press event, as usual some trash talking came to play. Then there was a short demo by anki which showcased iOS device controlling robotics. Soon after that was done, Tim Cook took back the stage and started on again with the Macs and Mountain Lion took the tile of the best version of Mac Apple has ever created with 28 million copies sold since it was announced last fall. Next Craig Federighi comes up to stage to announce the new version of Mac which is called Mavericks. This new version of Mac includes a ton of new features which makes the experience of using Mac even better with some tagging, window collaging, multiple display support and quite a number of technology improvements inside the OS itself. I was really impressed with the battery life thing which was very innovative indeed, it basically is a Safari thing which helps Macbooks save more battery on the fly by intelligently turning off and on the CPU usage for the browser. iCloud Keychain was another cool addition to iCloud which can save your passwords and autofills and not to worry as these sensitive documents are encrypted. Next, Phil Schiller went up and announced the new refreshed Macbook Airs which are being powered by Haswell processors and are now a bit more cheaper. I was literally impressed with the battery life of the new MBA. Then after that it was the moment which i was waiting for since WWDC last year, it was the sneak peek of the all new Mac Pro which really looked nothing like a tower desktop and future upgradability for it looked bleak. But moving upon that i actually liked the design of it and it was also in a very small package and is powered by some very high tech components like 12 core Xeon processors, AMD FirePro GPUs, and comes with SSDs. The next thing was that it came with 6!!! Thunderbolt 2 ports which was just jaw dropping and Phil added that the new Mac Pro is capable of outputting 3 4K displays without any problem whatsoever. The highlight of it was that it is going to be assembled in the USA. Next, iWork for iCloud was announced and from the looks of the Demo that was really one very powerful program which runs on the we browser. Then after that Tim had the pleasure to finally announce iOS 7 and then the crowd went wild. Craig took the stage once again and went through 10 of the new things in iOS 7. The new mobile OS from Apple ushered in a whole new design and the whole OS finally had its long overdue UI overhaul. Well it wasn't much of a UI overhaul but it was much more of an improvement to the previous versions. New features like Command Center, iTunes Radio, Face Time Audio, etc was announced. Well, i'll talk more extensively on iOS 7 in my upcoming featured article about my thoughts of iOS 7. The even then wraped up with Tim Cook saying some closing words with a short video ad in the end about Apple. All in all i really felt that this years conference was way better than last year in terms of the richness  of announcements. So until next year, i'll see you again for the WWDC 2014 recap. Watch this video below by TheVerge of the highlights of the keynote.
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