Monday, July 1, 2013

Hands On With The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Well, i have not been posting new articles in this blog like for about 2 weeks because of some technical difficulties and some time problems. But nevertheless things will go back to normal speed by next week. Moving on to today's topic which is about the Galaxy Mega 6.3, this device has been in the market for quite some time now and last week i had my hands on with the device. The Galaxy Mega series of devices which currently consists of the 5.8" and the 6.3" model is Samsung's take on bigger smartphones. This lineup however still bears mid range specs and you can say that it's a class lower than the Galaxy Note series of devices. It's pretty obvious that Samsung is launching this device now to see the consumer response to gigantic phones of screen sizes of extreme proportions. In reality now big phones are quite a popular scene in the sea of smartphones. Personally when i go out and walk around in the shopping complex i mostly see people using the Galaxy Note II more than the Galaxy S4. Yeah moving on to today's topic which is my hands on with the Galaxy Mega 6.3. When i first held the phone i was like, "OMG, this phone size is like PERFECT!". I literally said that, from a Galaxy Note user's standpoint the Galaxy Mega is really like normal. I didn't think it was too big or too small, its size was actually pretty perfect to hold in the hand. While i was at the shop trying out the device people were like looking over at me holding the device as it was uncommonly bigger than the usual smartphone we know and love.
"The big size of the device catches the eyes of consumers"
The hardware of the Mega is really similar to the Galaxy S4, so if you have held a Galaxy S4 before than that's how the Mega will feel like. The Mega still has the checkerboard pattern which Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S4. Specs of the device are mid ranged, with a dual core CPU, 1.5GB of RAM, the usual sensors, two cameras, and a 6.3" 720P LCD display. Overall the display on the Mega is ok, not too bad and not too good either. One thin i have to say is that the UI/skin seems to be not optimized fully for the screen, some of the text look rather small and teeny and this is clearly seen in the notification bar section. The good thing about this phone is the big screen, you really need to see it to really feel it as the screen is HUGE and multiwindow on the Galaxy Mega is awesome. I think this is the only Samsung device where multiwindow comes to play perfectly, on the Galaxy S4 multiwindow looks small and on the Galaxy Note 8.0 multiwindow looks big but on the Galaxy Mega it seems to have the most equal experience. Additionally, i find it sad to see that Samsung didn't bundle in an S Pen with this device, if they did the experience on this device would be even better. Finally, the Galaxy Mega in the software side is similar to the flagship Galaxy S4 and so can i say with the hardware too. So in the end of the day if you want a big screened phone the Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a very good choice with a balance of price and performance. 
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