Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swiftkey Review | A Premier Typing Experience

In this modern era which we are currently living in, smartphones are everywhere and there are barely a handful of smartphones which comes with physical keyboards. Well if you have been following me on facebook or twitter for some time now then you would know that previously i was a somewhat hardcore SWYPE fan. I've been using SWYPE even when i was using my Nokia symbian device. But recently (1 month ago) SWYPE has been showing some signs of lag when swyping and it does tick me off. After that i didn't quite care because these days i don't type that much. But after that i was ultimately fed up and i decided not to use it and try using the Samsung keyboard which i gave up after typing a tweet. So then i turned to the #1 top paid (at the time of writing) app on the play store which since my last encounter (October 2012) was not so good compared to swype. When i started using the keyboard i liked the way the words were predicted, seemingly enough this time around the predictions are more accurate unlike the last time i used it. Another thing is that the holo theme of the swiftkey keyboard is very similar to SWYPE's. One thing which i was not quite happy at first is the number pad which is on the left opposed to the usual top aisle placing on standard keyboards. But after some time with it i got used to it. One thing which i do truly miss from swype is the shortcuts. My rating of the swiftkey keyboard on a scale of 1 to 5 is a solid 4.5. It did not get a solid 5 because the word prediction for my case is still not there yet.
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