Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cyanogenmod Has $7 Million To Build A Better Version Of Android, My Thoughts

Specifically when talking about custom ROMs the first things which comes to mind is CyanogenMod. They have been here for quite a while and is among the most popular ROM makers around. They have ROMs for a lot of devices and they have quite a number of dedicated developers backing them up. Well, yesterday CyanogenMod announced that they have raised $7 million to fund CyanogenMod.Inc in making a better version of android and yes they are now a company. Their main goal is to become the third mobile OS in the market and in their blog they even stated a point which is they are so big in android that their estimated active users are about 8 million and they say that if they are considered a mobileOS then they would be the third largest mobileOS outpacing Windows Phone.
CyanogenMod is a company which started off about 4 years ago and is now the most popular cusotomROM maker in the android ecosystem. In this article I will be talking about their plans with the $7 million they collected and share my thoughts on it. The main thing which CynaogenMod is gunning for is the problem which android users face when they install a custom ROM face. The problem is the process which is simply just too hard and bears too much risk. In fact the instructions which the developers put up in the forums on installing the custom ROMs are very lengthy and just before the instructions the developer will be warning users that they will install the ROM on their device at the users risk and that this might damage the users device In addition to that if you are having a carrier branded device then more hiccups will be there like a locked bootloader. But CyanogenMod is saying that they have solution for that which is they will be preparing a program which will help you do everything with a simple click and users will have peace of mind. With that raised amount of money the company has hired a team of 17 developers to help develop this program. Another thing is that besides developing up the one-click installer they will be partnering up with a hardware manufacturer to run their software. The manufacturer is non other than OPPO, the Chinese based company which has taken the world by storm. The two are expected to announce their future plans on 23 September during the OPPO N1 announcement in Beijing. Overall I’m actually pretty excited about this company as it could pose a switch up in the market next year. They might influence up big time android manufacturers like Samsung to up their anti with software updates. The failure rate for this project looks to be quite low mainly because they have a lot of users backing them up and they are sure to garner up more users when they launch the one-click installer.
'one-click installer coming soon'
Since it was introduced back in 2008, Android has come a long way and it is currently the most popular mobile OS topping iOS. Well if they have the biggest market share then there must be something which keeps the user there. The #1 thing which android differs itself from other mobile operating sytems like Blackberry or iOS is the openness of the ecosystem. Basically Google even encourages users to hack the open source OS to make it better. Well its been about 5 years since the inception of android and since the birth of android there has been one problem which is being faced by users of android which is inconsistent software updates for device. Well Google has seemingly solved one part of problem by introducing the nexus lineup of phones and tablets but we have to face the fact not everybody wants to own a nexus device. Users nowadays are looking into features and high end specs all year long and google only releases one nexus phone a year. Jumping back to the main topic here, android manufacturers are still taking some time to release software updates for their devices, the reason for that is that they would need to implement their skin on the basic android operating system so the device running it will look on par. But time has proven that official software updates are not something for the impatient users. Also the trend with manufacturers now namely Samsung, HTC, etc are only releasing updates for their flagship devices and to their mid range to entry level devices they are practically stuck with the software which was installed on the device since day 1. Well in android there is a solution for this particular problem which is to install a custom ROM. Well personally I’m not quite a fan of tinkering about with my phone, I am a person which stays on the safer sides of things. Installing a custom ROM on your android device not only solves the problem of running outdated software on your android phone but it also increases performance and reduces lag mainly because the skin on your android skin by the certain manufacturer is now gone. That is not the only reason why you would want to install a custom ROM, maybe you’re the type of person which likes to try out something new or you would like to try out new specific features which are only available in that particular ROM. Either ways custom ROMs have become a hallmark thing for android. 

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