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My Thoughts On The iPhone 5C, Do Users Really Want A Colorful iPhone ?

On Tuesday, Apple held their September 10 event where they announced the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5C. In this article I will be specifically discussing about the iPhone 5C, if you want to read about my thoughts about the iPhone 5S you can read it here. Apple announcing the iPhone 5C was no surprise to anybody which has been reading the news for the past few months leading up to this week. Basically we knew everything about the iPhone 5C and the event was just to make things official, even Phill Schiller said on stage during the event ‘you may have seen this at the internet’.

Well enough about that, the iPhone 5C Is Apple’s iPhone aimed towards users which don’t have too much money to fork out for an iPhone. The device comes in 5 colors and is not exactly that colorful like what the rumors stated. The iPhone 5C is powered by hardware which is about 1 year old now or if you put it in a better sounding way it works like an iPhone 5 but doesn’t look like one. The iPhone 5C is made out of polycarbonate but Schiller did say that the wireless signals of the device will be good due to the metal antenna just below the colorful polycarbonate shell, the antenna will also be acting as a rigid frame for the iPhone 5C. 

Additionally the iPhone 5C will be coming in 5 brightly colored shells which include green, blue, yellow, pink and white. I am still wondering where the black model is but I’m having a hunch that Apple is looking at the market response for the device and if the response is good then they will add more colors to the bunch. The device will be coming in 16GB and 32GB flavors.
"Apple recommends you to give you iPhone 5C a second color with their $29 case" 
One thing which I am concerned about this device is the polycarbonate back, whether it will be easily scratched or decolorize only time will tell. But judging by the experience Apple had with making the iPhone 3G and 3GS they most probably have solved the problems with plastic also in the product video of the iPhone 5C Apple highlighted that they have sprayed a thin layer of varnish around the device to give it that nice shiny gloss to it and increase the durability of it.

Alongside that Apple will also be offering users with a high quality silicone case which has circular holes on the bottom back and the cover comes in 6 different colors, so in theory you can have 42 different color choices. The cover will be priced in at $29 which in some ways is a pretty good deal. The iPhone 5C will be running the latest version of iOS which is iOS 7 and it will be having all of the iOS 7 features excluding the TouchID. The default wallpaper of the iPhone 5C will match the outer color of the device you bought.

That’s about it for the spec sheet of the iPhone 5C. My main concern with the iPhone 5C is the price of it, the price seems to be set too high, at a starting price of $549 for the no contract 16GB model it seems that Apple is trying to earn a ton lot of profit with this device. If you move up another level at the 32GB version which is priced at $649, that price is equivalent to the 16GB iPhone 5S, buyers will most probably be thinking twice when buying up this device because for another $100 they can get an iPhone 5S with 1 tier storage stepdown.

If you compare to devices with that price the iPhone 5C doesn’t look like a good deal. The Galaxy S4 is an example of that, with the Galaxy Note 3 coming out in the coming weeks the price of the S4 is sure to drop and in the coming weeks the price for an unlocked S4 might be even cheaper than the iPhone 5C. The Lumia 920 is also another example, its something like the iPhone 5C and seemingly enough it also comes in 5 colors and for the base 16GB model you can get it in stores now for a cheaper lower price than the iPhone 5C.
'"the c on the iPhone 5C certainly doesn't stand for cheap"
Next, the colors are another things, I’m not trying to say the colors are awful but I think Apple could’ve did something similar to what Motorola is doing with the MotoX by letting customers choose the color, maybe not doing a custom color option but maybe letting user to have some predetermined color matches. A fully yellow device with a yellow buttons a black front somehow doesn’t appeal to some users. I’m pretty sure Apple will be looking up this matter next year with the second gen iPhone 5C. The next big thing which I’m concerned about is the material it is made of which is plastic. It seems that in the past few years Apple has stopped using plastic on their iOS device. I just can’t see why they couldn’t just make the iPhone 5C out of aluminum. Given that the smallest iPod nano is made of aluminum, why? Can’t they do it on the iPhone 5C.
"even the iPod nano is made of aluminum"
That’s about it for what I think about the iPhone 5C, but I do have to justify something here, the reason why my thoughts all sound like they’re detesting the iPhone 5C it is because there is more problems than solutions on the iPhone 5C. However there are still some good points on the iPhone 5C and those good points are basically the good things of the iPhone 5 minus the overall look and feel of the device. Watch this promo video of the iPhone 5C by Apple to see what the people over at Cupertino have to say about their latest smartphone.

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