Friday, February 14, 2014

The Parce One is an Elegant and Environmentally Friendly Power Adapter

Can you switch on your lights from your smartphone? In the past few years, home automation has become fairly popular amongst homeowners. Earlier last year the Nest Thermostat became a hot product mainly because it has a custom tailored personality based on your style of use. Since then the general public has been exposed towards home automation—although people have the mindset that the Nest Thermostat is just an intelligent thermostat, but it is still a form of home automation deep down. Well, today i'm not going to nag on about the Nest Thermostat, i'm here to introduce you to 'The Parce Idea' and the Parce One to be exact. The innovators behind this ingenious product says its "The World’s First Intelligent Energy-Saving Program for Everyone". The main idea behind the Parce One is to reduce unnecessary energy use and ultimately helps you lower your annual power bill by a marginal percentage (claimed to be about 30-50% ≈ 150€/ $200). 

If you haven't found out yet, Parce One is a adapter which plugs into your power outlet. In a nutshell the Parce One tracks how the appliance plugged into it uses the power and visualizes the data collected with a graph. Not to mention you can also individually switch on and off devices plugged in remotely from the software for you computer and smartphone. As i mentioned earlier this product is like the Nest Thermostat, in which the Parce One will learn from your daily habits of turning on and off the switches and when you are using the electrical appliance. Additionally, the company claims that you can reduce up to ½ a ton of carbon dioxide emission annually—this reduction is due to the fact that you are using less energy. Moving down to the more technical logics behind the Parce One, the adapter is just a little bulkier than you standard power plug and built into it is a wireless emitter and a relay switch to communicate with the parce app to collect the data and to control the power going in and out.
'the parce one learns your daily routine to make your experience more intuitive' 

I have seen quite a number of adapters which claim to save your household's power but those things seem to breed any positive results, the design of those products are boxy, heavy and bulky. The design of the Parce One in the other hand really caught my eye that's why i decided to write on about it. The physique reminds me a lot about Apple's philosophy which is clean and straight to the point. Moreover, the company has dished out three color options which are black, white and silver to match the color scheme of your house. Before i forget, the Parce One will come in both US and EU plug types.
'the design is nothing but minimalistic and simple'
After talking about the black and white about the product, i have some concerns about the product. Firstly and most importantly is that i don't know how effective is this product and i believe that the team behind this is testing the efficiency and redundancy rate of the product. Secondly, through the press release they did not mention about how much power will the Parce One draw because since we can remotely communicate with the product the wireless signal must be always be on. Finally, i am staying in a country which is using the British style of plug and currently the company is not offering a Parce One with the style of plug. Anyways these are just some of my wild concerns about the product i believe that the 3 man team has already acknowledged this problems and will clarify them when the final product is out to the general public.
Well, after reading all of that, are you excited about the Parce One?  I know i am, but there is one big problem here, 'The Parce Idea' is currently in need of funding in indiegogo so that the company can complete their final development in terms of the software and hardware. So what are you waiting for! Head over to their project page to show some love towards the project so that future products under 'The Parce Idea' can be developed.

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