Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrating Our Second Anniversary, Entering The Third Year

the technology of today 2nd anniversary
Today is day 731 and it's time for our second anniversary, it really felt just like yesterday i came up with the idea of 'The Technology of Today'. Time flies pretty fast indeed, here we are celebrating our second year of existence. This second year has been a mixed bag for me, some stressful moments and some happy moments but overall its a bittersweet year for me. Last April i implemented the new V2.0 standard for this blog which switched up how i run this blog. The new version introduced a more personal POV writing for me; i completely stopped posting about current news and switched my focus to more original articles. I am happy to say that although i only managed to post up 295 articles in the past year, the pageload of the blog continues to grow. I will be continuing to utilize this new V2.0 standard and starting Q2 2014 i'll be introducing a whole new format to overhaul the existing one. The new format which i'll be introducing in the coming month will be more about putting content up and front so that you can be immersed with the topic in hand. With our second anniversary i am proud to say that i have reworked our blog's design which is now mostly custom and our logo(s) also have been reworked on too. In the coming days ahead i will be posting up two separate articles about our new blog and logo designs so you can understand more about it and how it came to. Before i close up this article i would like to say that i am really sorry for the lack of articles in the past few months, i was facing some time constraints and i was also busy completing the design of the blog. But fret not after this week i'll resume posting articles on a weekly basis. Well that's about it for my summary of the second year, this third year will be a spectacular one so stay connected with our page so you don't miss any of my future articles. Also follow us on social media so you can be updated with the latest in tech everyday. Finally i would like to thank you for your continuous support in us, i will work harder this year to push out more interesting and specific articles.

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