Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Lumia 830, Lumia 730 and more in pictures

Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 Earlier today Microsoft concluded their #morelumia event at IFA 2014 in Berlin. The event showcased a lot of Nokia’s innovation and continuous effort in the budget market as well as bringing down features from top of the line Lumia devices to the mid range market. This year i am pretty busy with classes and currently i’m busy completing my Samsung and Sony wrapup articles and they will be posted up before the weekend starts. I’ll be taking the weekend to complete the #morelumia article, so today i decided to try out something new which is a picture article (quite popular with bigger site, so i’ll try it out here today). This article is quite simple, a lot of big images and minimal amount of word, as the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words. Enjoy!

Lumia 730 selfie
Chris Weber tried to replicate the famous Ellen selfie and not surprisingly he succeeded in doing so with the Lumia 730's 5MP wide angle camera
Lumia 830 10MP Pureview camera
The Lumia 830, Microsoft's so called "affordable" high end smartphone with a 10MP pureview camera
Microsoft Screen Sharing For Lumia Phones HD-10
The Microsoft Screen Sharing For Lumia Phones HD-10 (tongue twister eh?) Miricast receiver 
Lumia 730 wireless charging
The Lumia 730 does support wireless charging but a separate accessory is required for it to work
Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903
The new Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 is not only slimmer than ever but it's also super intelligent now
Lumia 730 specs
The Lumia 730 will come in both dual SIM, single SIM and 4G variants
Lumia 830 specs
The Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 will go on sale by the end of September
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