Saturday, April 18, 2015

Here's a quick look at Samsung's new earbuds

What's in the box, pretty much every gadget you buy comes with one and beyond the included cables, literature (warranty and safety information) and some instances of stickers to stick everywhere, that's about it for included accessories. So, the Galaxy S6 is now out and besides having a new 'fast charger' and a SIM removal too, it also features a brand new pair of Samsung earbuds.

Fresh from the box and wrapped in it's tight plastic packaging, the earbuds' look doesn't differ much from the standard in ear earbuds which Samsung bundles with their smartphones. Everything becomes clear after unwrapping it, the tip of the earbuds has this curvy shape.

Taking cues from Apple, Samsung apparently redesigned the tip of the earbuds and they're not your average in ear headphones from Samsung. The easiest way to describe the design is that it has a funky ear shaped design like on Apple's EarPods but the design is uniquely Samsung.

Included inside the package is a extra pair of eartips which looks to have a bigger hole for the audio. Yes, Samsung funky shaped earbuds still require a rubber tip over it and i think it's there mainly to keep the earbuds in your ear and also to keep it clean.

This new design means that you can't mistakenly place the right earbud on your left ear, it just won't fit. Samsung didn't share their story in creating this earbuds nor did they say they've calibrated the shape of the earbud tip to fit everyone. The earbuds fit quite snugly in my ears and felt a little weird..somehow.

As to the quality of the sound through the earbuds, i am not entirely sure on this as my relationship with audio is as long as there's sound i'm good with it. But from my amateurish listening skills, i did notice that these have an extra level of bass compared to the current Samsung earbuds (from Galaxy Note 3) i'm using.

Back when the Galaxy S6 rumors were hot, Sammobile did somewhat confirm that Samsung was planning to bundle in Sennheiser earbuds with the Galaxy S6. Although these earbuds might be Samsung branded but the drivers inside could've been manufactured by Sennheiser

Bottom line, they're pretty much the same white earbuds we know and love from Samsung and the flat tangle free cables feel a little bit more flexible than usual. The inline audio controls and function button on the right earbud is still there.

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