Sunday, May 31, 2015

Computex is no longer just for PC hardware

Give or take but product unveilings are the fun-er part of covering technology and trade shows are on top of everything. They're always filled up with basically anything and on the trade show floor, you can end up finding quite a lot of things. In the midst of all the developers conference from companies during the Summer, we have Computex which is notably the biggest electronics trade show in Asia. At it's 35th cycle this year, Computex is onto a whole new direction.

Like every other company, mobile computing is getting popular and that includes wearables and IoT devices which are meant to be placed just everywhere. That includes Computex which has seen a significant change in direction over the years and it's no longer just a show focused on unveiling new PC hardware but mobile devices like phones and wearables are also beginning to crop up each year.

Computex has been a dear part of me because this was the first trade show I started following back in 2011 and it's also the first large scale trade show I covered in this blog during 2012. This year, I'm planning to twist things back and use the upcoming week to re-start covering pure computer hardware. I'll be going over the nitty gritty stuff on the eye-boggling motherboards and expected graphics card(s) from both Nvidia and AMD.

" Pure hardware is coming back this year

As to what happens every year, Intel is always at the scene to show off something new and this year is no difference. Last year, the Intel Core M processor(s) featuring the new Boradwell architecture was introduced and from all the leaked roadmaps, it's clear that Skylake will be making an apperance there. Intel might not formally launch it but we'll definitely be hearing what they plan to do with it in terms of some actual hardware.

Besides that, we're also expecting to see some new graphics horsepower from both AMD and Nvidia. It's already confirmed that Nvidia will be launching the GTX 980Ti there but it's still a little unclear if AMD plans to show off their R9 390X there too. But either way, the two graphic giants will be there to show off their new offerings for both desktop and mobile.

Speaking of mobile, there should be quite a lot of new laptops and also convertibles too and the scene these days are not only filled with Intel Ultrabooks and we should see a couple whacky and crazy hybrid laptop designs. Windows 10 will also be mentioned alongside these announcements and expect to hear some surprises with Microsoft's new software lineup.

Finally, it's wearables and everything in between. Although Computex is pretty much still a PC hardware focused event, that isn't stopping companies like Asus or Huawei to announce devices other than laptops and motherboards.

Computex 2015 starts on June 2-5 and the products announcements should start rolling by Monday morning so stay tuned for our comeback towards covering computer hardware. Do follow us on Twitter @ttot9 (or Facebook or Google+ if you're into that) for live updates.

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