Sunday, July 12, 2015

Perfecting that pixel

A subtle change

I have to say, starting this blog has brought me to a lot of places and although i'm actually not used to expressing myself in person but this whole experience in the past three years have taught me a lot about expressing my feelings on the internet that is. My blog(s) might not be the most popular tech related one out there nor does it exceptionally stand out from the crowd but i've learnt not to mind too much about what others think about my work. 

Sharing what i know and think about has been my goal since day one and i'm not going to reiterate the whole story of how this blog came up, you can read it up at the 'about us' page through the tabs on top. Through writing these articles, i am practically brushing up on my grammar skills and tendency to expand the story based on the bullet point facts. 

Nothing that i've said or i'm about to say has to do with technology but it impacts the blog in the coming weeks and months ahead. As i said, when i first started this blog i just knew that i was going to share my knowledge of technology on the internet, i didn't know much about proper blogging ethics like paragraphing my articles and including imagery to express the content (true fact: you can look back at my articles from 2012). But in time, after reading material from other sites, the articles that i've pushed out are more refined now.
You might remember this logo from 2012
Alright, to the actual point of this article. Today, we're introducing our brand new text based logo which isn't too different from what it was before but this new design change shows how far we've come in the last 3 years. The general placement of the text hasn't been modified but the typography has been altered to signify a more modern and clean approach. 

Why did i write so much just to say we've changed the font of our text based logo? I am also not entirely sure why, i just wanted to talk about the progress of this blog since i've been pushing in major changes in the past year. This redesign wasn't technically planned, i was in the midst of sorting out my files which was filled with old logos from way back.

My blogging skills are on par with my designing skills, more of an amateur learning something new everyday. Our first text based logo was created with an online logo creator which is cleverly named 'Online Logo Maker', it's a cool little site for you to kickstart a design but it's a little limited. Soon, after i moved towards using Photoshop to create a whole new design with custom typefaces and today i have moved on to using Illustrator because it's just better. 

You've gotta trust me on this one, if you're dealing with text and shapes, you will want to work with Illustrator rather than with Photoshop which does have a more robust coloring and selecting tools compared to Illustrator. Plus with Illustrator, you will find it easier to scale your designs as you want without distorting the look and feel of the final design. 

If you're a professional designer or you know a thing or two about Illustrator (and Photoshop), the last few sentences would mean nothing to you, again i'm just a beginner when it comes to designing things. My designs are all based on 'feel' and also my current mood. 

" fyi: the new font is google's roboto font

Moving forward, i will continue to refine the brand image and also unify both the international and malaysia site for a better reading experience. This should be it in terms of design overhauls, the next time you see a big change, it'll be in 2016. Have some plans to simplify things so stick around to see it. 

Well, i didn't expect this article to be this long winded. Hope you enjoyed it and learned a thing or two about this blog. 
old (top); new (bottom)

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