Friday, February 10, 2012

Tech update for 10/2/2012

first things first, we all have been waiting for the new Nvidia 600/700 series of cards which is rumored for a Q2 release.
Here are some rumored specs on the GK 104:-
  • 950 MHz core/CUDA core
  • 1250 MHz actual (5.00 GHz effective) memory
  • 2.9 TFLOP/s single-precision floating point compute power
  • 486 GFLOP/s double-precision floating point compute power
  • Estimated die-area 340mm²
  • 2 GB memory amount (standard)
  • 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface
source:techpowerup via

Nvidia Kelper GK 104
Rumored Specification:
  • Product name (top solution): GeForce GTX 680/780 (Not official)
  • 28nm production at TSMC, the area approximately 340mm ² 
  • 4 Graphics Processing Cluster (GPC)
  • 4 Streaming Multiprocessors (SM) aka shader clusters per GPC, total of 16 shader clusters for GK104-chip
  • 96 stream processors (SP) aka shader, shader units per cluster, total of 1536 shader units for GK104-chip
  • 8 texture units (TMU) aka shader texture units per cluster, total of 128 units of textures for GK104-chip
  • 32 raster operation units (ROPs)
  • 256-bit DDR memory interface (up to GDDR5)
  • Core Clock (GTX680): 905-950 MHz
  • Elimination of Hotclocks, no extra clock speed of the shader units more
  • Single-precision arithmetic performance 2.9 teraflops , double precision with 1:6 = 486 DP GFlops processing power, 121 Texture Rate Gtex/sec
  • Memory clock (GTX680): 2500 MHz, Memory bandwidth so that at 160 GB/sec
  • 2048 MB of GDDR5 memory configuration
Source: Wccftech

Next up is the Hashwell, whaaat ivy bridge is not even out and Hashwell is already brought up
here in this picture is the leaked Intel roadmap
New things in Hashwell are:
  • New socket LGA 1150 (yes it is LGA 1150 not LGA 1155)
  • New chipset
  • Features a 22nm architecture utilizing 3D transistor technology
  • also feature a faster graphics controller resulting in 5x graphical horsepower along with boosted core clocks and turbo boost frequencies.

Intel Hashwell DIE size comparison
Intel is still two months from releasing Ivy Bridge CPU's, there is more talk about Hashwell in the recent days Ivy Bridge has 3x faster graphics performance than their predecessor; Sandy Bridge. Graphics in Hashwell may be a quantum leap or just another small step forward
The comparison between the DIE size of all 4 recent processors
Source: Vr-Zone

HTC Android 4.0 update
Finally is Android 4.0 update will be available for HTC phone starting with the Sensation, Sensation XE and 4G by these phones will get updates by end of march. Other phones that will get the update by ‘later this year’ include HTC Rezound, HTC Vivid, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO Design 4G, HTC Incredible S, HTC Desire S and HTC Desire HD.


Intel 520 series SSD's
it is Intels first SSD with a SandForce controller and a model set to replace the Marvell powered 510 series. Intel seems to be a market leader in 4KB random writes, bettering Kingston's HyperX drive with over 40MB/s comparing 240GB models. Cost wise the 520 series starts with US$149 for the 60GB model, US$229 for 120GB, US$369 for 180GB, US$509 for 240GB and finally US$999 for the 480GB model. With this pricing makes the Kingston's otherwise highly priced HyperX models look cheap at around US$205 for the 120GB SKU and US$420 for the 240GB SKU. it is clear intel isn't aiming the 520 series towards consumers with this kind of pricing, but we have a feeling that Intel will be selling plenty of drives nonetheless.

Intel 520 Series SSD's with Sandforce controller

Source: Vr-Zone via IntelTechspot

Detailed AMD 2012 Desktop roadmap Leaked

Trinity will feature the A-5000 Series branding and introduce a new segment with A10. The first Trinity APUs to release will be A10-5800, A10-5700, A8-5600 and A8-5500. Within each segment, the differentiation will likely be CPU clock speeds, thus both A10 SKUs will feature the same GPU - Radeon HD 7660D. A8 will feature a cut down GPU, possibly with 1 or 2 SIMDs disabled and branded HD 7560D. Both A8 and A10 will feature 2 module / 4 core Piledriver CPU cores.
  • AMD A10- 5800/5700 APU (HD7660D Graphics)
  • AMD A8- 5500/5600 APU (HD7560D Graphics)
Brazos 2.0:
  • E2-1800 (HD7340 Graphics)
  • E1-1200 (HD7310 Graphics)
AMD’s Next Generation FX Series processors codenamed 'Vishera'. The new processors just like their predecessors would be 8/6/4 Core modules based on the 32nm process. 
  • AMD FX-8350 8 Core Processor (HD7000 Graphics)
  • AMD FX-8320 8 Core Processor (HD7000 Graphics)
  • AMD FX-6300 6 Core Processor (HD7000 Graphics)
  • AMD FX-4320 4 Core Processor (HD7000 Graphics)
Two new Trinity APU’s are also expected to launch in Q3 2012 which include:
  • AMD A6-5400 (HD7540D Graphics)
  • AMD A4-5300 (HD7480D Graphics)

Source: Vr-ZoneWccftech