Friday, February 15, 2013

The Rhino Shield Screen Protector Makes Your iPhone's Screen Extremely Strong, Needs Your Support At Kickstarter

In these past few year the smartphone industry is getting more and more advanced. It seemed that not too long ago dual core phones were enough but now quad core seems to be the standard. Over the years technology advances and so does the smartphone but there is one problem which we still can't quite solved which is the breaking of the phone's screen. Well currently the best protection is Gorilla Glass 3 which no device have implemented just yet. So what if you have an old device and you want glass a strong as Gorilla Glass 3. Evolutive Labs have go you covered, well kinda... They have created a screen protector called Rhino Shield which is about 0.028cm thick and following the test they have done the screen protector is capable of protecting the screen of the iPhone in numerous situations. The project is currently at KickStarter and they are looking to raise £50,000 by March 13th. So if you think that this project should be given some life click here or the source link below to go to the product page. Watch the product video below to find out more. 
Source: KickStarter 
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