Sunday, February 10, 2013

xShield Is The iPhone Case Which Protects More Than Just The Physical State Of You Phone

In these past few years the mobile industry is taking a hit on the PC era in favor of the post PC era. Smartphones are pretty much a norm and also caused some bad habits. Well when you buy a smartphone of any type you would want an accessory like a case to come along with it. Over the years there are many different manufacturers which make cases for phones like the iPhone. Don't look small on the case manufacturer it is actually pretty profitable to do. Well enough about ranting about that, i'll go into today's topic which is about the xShield. First and foremost, the xShield is a case for an iPhone which can also store your credit card, money and sensitive objects like sd cards. Well that sounds like a very normal case to me, but there's a twist to it, the xShield has RFID protection and if you don't know what is RFID, it is actually a technology which are embedded into the most private things like credit cards, passports, etc. That is not the only cool thing about the xShield, it is also capable of saperating your phone from the case which is attached to a hard cover via a magnet so you can take calls while your xShield is holding all your personal items. The xShield is currently on Kickstarter and they need your help to get the amount of startup money to make this project a success. So what are you waiting for, show your support at the product page here. Watch the product video below:
"An iPhone Case Which Does More Than Protecting Your Phone From Physical Damage"

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

The world’s first cell phone case that provides a way to carry an iPhone5 and keep credit cards safe from electronic pickpocketing will hit the market Thursday.
Xshield™ is an attractive, intelligently designed case that stores an iPhone5 and important items like identification and drivers licenses, passport cards and credit cards. And, it provides protection from credit card and identification skimming.
Our society has found more and more ways to utilize technology to make everyday tasks a bit easier. Unfortunately, thieves are using the same technology to steal private information, too,” said Arvin Younan, an expert in the field of security products and services who developed the Xshield™.
Integrated circuit cards (RFID –IC cards) can store various information and data like your name, address, job title and other personal or important financial records. These cards are becoming more widely used in the United States, Canada, and many other countries.
Many types of identification cards – including credit cards, passports cards, work (or employee) security cards and drivers’ licenses in some states in US and Canada and abroad – are equipped with radio frequency identification chips which allow users to wave the card near a scanner instead of sliding a magnetic stripe through a device.
Identify thieves can capture data from these RFID cards using a relatively low-tech device. According to U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Protection Agency, the cards can be read up to 50 feet away.
Thieves don’t need a lot of technical ability to steal someone’s identity or personal financial information from a RFID card,” said Younan. “Fortunately, products like the Xshield™ provide protection from unscrupulous individuals who make victims of innocent people.”
The Xshield™ blocks the radio frequency identification signal from being read by skimming devices thieves attached to their laptops, tablets and smart phones or a handheld device which can read and copy data instantly. The Xshield™ blocks such signals from any distance.
My motivation for this project was to design a fashionable Iphone5 wallet case to give you peace of mind and protection from would-be credit card skimmers,” Younan said.
Along with providing protection from e-pickpocketers, the Xshield™ case allows complete access to all the features of the iPhone5, including the front and rear cameras. Made of high-quality leather and canvas, the Xshield™ provides not only security, but a fashionable, minimalist wallet-sized way to carry items vital for home, office and recreation. It’s thinner than most cell phone cases and most wallets.
Most of the time, people carry a wallet, a purse, a cell phone, keys and money. I wanted to design something that would combine all these things and provide peace of mind by blocking personal data from RFID or IC card skimmers,” Younan said.
The Xshield™ has other handy features, including:
    -A magnetic space to secure and easily remove the iPhone5.
    -An optional strap so the Xshield™ can be worn around the neck or wrist.
    -A magnet so it can be attach to metal surfaces for hands-free talking on the iPhone5.
    -A choice of two stylish colors: dark gray/black or white/red.
Preorders for the Xshield™ may be made at The wallet case retails for $99 however for a limited time and quantitiesthe Xshield™ will be available at a discounted price. Dealers can also apply for wholesale pricing for the Xshield™ at the site.
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