Monday, February 25, 2013

Nokia's MWC 2013 Press Conference Recap, No Lumia Pureview

Well, Nokia's event just ended a while ago and i watched a few ads and hands on with the devices. I also got the chance to read some press releases of the devices announced today at MWC. The event lasted about an hour and i was watching the livestream from Nokia, before watching it i was expecting to see the unexpected and Nokia somehow gave me that unexpected feeling. The event as usual starts with Stepehen Elop taking the stage and doing some talking and then he says that Nokia will be unveiling 4 new devices today. Besides that he also took some time to talk about the Nokia innovation and said that they are bringing high end features to low end devices and breaking every price point. Then without any other explanation he passed the stage to Nokia's Head of design Marko Ahtisaari which started introducing the 4 devices one by one taking it out of his pocket. The first device introduced is the Nokia 301 which is a mid range phone with a keypad. The coolest feature i think is the voice command on taking self shots. The device also comes in at many colors. The device will cost 65Euors and will ship in Q2. Then he shows off the Nokia 105 which is by far the cheapest nokia phone to date at 15Euros. The device is your average phone with the keypad, a color screen and what's not to forget about the torchlight. This phone will replace the ever so popular Nokia 1280 which sold over 120 million. Soon after that he takes the Lumia 520 out of his pocket and it is by far the cheapest Windows Phone 8 offering from Nokia. It has a 4" WVGA screen, a 1GHz dual core CPU, 512MB of RAM and a 5MP camera. Following the theme of bringing high end features to low end devices the Lumia 520 also features the Lumia 920's super sensitive screen. The Lumia 720 is the last new phone by Nokia today and it incorporates a camera which is not classified as Pureview but said to take very stunning images. The pin point of the Lumia 820 is the camera which has a f/1.9 aperture which allows more light to enter, the sensor is at 6.7MP. Like the 520 the 720 also sports the Lumia 920's super sensitive screen. Additionally the Lumia 720 is Nokia's first unibody phone which features a microSD card slot. In between Marko also announced the Here suite which comprises of Maps, Drive, and Transit. The suite is also making its way to non Lumia Windows Phone devices very soon. Thats pretty much a wrap up on the event, tell us what you think or join the conversation with us in our facebook page

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