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Camera360 Ultimate App Review, The Best Camera App Ever


If i'm not mistaken this is my first ever proper review for this year, well moving along this time around i'll be doing things differently. First up is that i've been testing out this app for about 5 days now and i felt that i was ready to do a review. Well as usual i'm using my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to test things out but i did have a chance to head over to the Nokia store and tried it out on the Lumia 920. Additionally before this i've only used one third party camera app which is the cameraZoomFX app. Personally i'm the type of person which does not like to modify things and i like to keep things to the most stock level. Also at the start i actually felt pretty fed up with the app because of the preview menu after taking each photo.


Camera360 is a camera app which is pretty popular on android as well as iOS. Just recently they announced that they now have 100 million users worldwide. Well in the 21st century where smartphones dominate the world and apps are a key part of the smartphone experience, Camera360 does the right thing as they have an app for the top 3 most popular mobile OS's in the market currently which are android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. In plain sight the UI of the app in all the 3 platforms it exist in might look a bit different but deep down the features are still there. 

Design & Layout:

To be frank here, at first i did find the app a bit frustrating because of the layout and the small icons on the left side of the screen. But i conquered the ordeal by trying to click out each and every button there and then after that i was used to the UI and everything went on pretty smooth. Then after that another problem popped out and it was the preview menu which popped out each time i take a shot. But then i solved this problem by changing the shooting mode to fast shoot. After that ordeal the app actually worked pretty fine and all of the buttons and toggles actually seemed properly placed.
"The UI might look densely populated but actually its not, its just perfect..."


The camera360 app is categorized as a camera app but actually its features span into the world of photo editing. Well it does not have very in depth photo editing centric features like increasing the brightness or changing the contrast but it does have something more simpler and hassle free. These are called filters and this app has a lot of them and in my period testing it i was unable to try out each and every one of them. But the ones i tried was pretty cool and the best filter by far is the random filter which chooses a random filter for each photo but actually i highly recommend using the random filter because it gets the best out of the image. At plane sight they say that the random filter is random but who knows maybe they have some engine powering it. You can check out the photo above in which i took a single photo and added a few filters to it. As to most third party camera apps, there is also a HDR filter on this app which seemingly works pretty good is some situations. 
"Filter, Filters and even more Filters"


In my time using it there was a minimal amount of lag but there is a slight frame drop on my phone when i close the app. Overall i did not experience anything too unbearable and the app performed pretty well. Taking photos are really pretty fast and the loading time of the app is actually a few microseconds faster than the stock camera app on my phone.
"Lag is not an issue here"


In conclusion i will be making the step forward and from now onwards i will be using this as my main camera app on my phone. I do have to address in a few issues i faced while using the app, the first is the UI which as i said earlier a bit confusing when you first open the app. If the developer could like implement a walkthrough guide for first time users about the whole UI of the app then that would just be amazing. Another thing is that with certain filters it takes a tad bit more time to save, i'm not sure if that's a problem with my phone or the file size is just too big. All in all if i were to give this app a score in a scale of 1 to 10, i would give it a solid 9/10 because the features it brings to the table is just phenomenal and is the only app i currently know which has that much of filters. In addition to that, the UI of the app is actually fairly simple after you use it a few times. Finally if you're just wanting a camera app on your phone, the camera360 is actually a fairly good balance between features and simplicity. In contrast i would like to thank Kerry, my rep from camera360 for introducing this app to me. Check out some of the images i took with the app below...
"Camera360 is a spectacular camera app which can help you capture moments not only in perfect clarity but also with a touch of style, the filters present in this app are really a lot."
[+] Pros:
  1. Has a ton of features
  2. Literally has the most filters i've ever seen
  3. The random effect filter works surprisingly smart, bringing photos to life
  4. App launch time is relatively quick
  5. The stabilizer feature is very nifty
  6. has setting to turn your volume rocker into a shutter button
  7. The tilt-shift and color shift mode is pretty cool
[-] Cons:
  1. lacks the function to share directly to Instagram
  2. UI somehow feels a bit messy and unlabeled on the android version
  3. Takes some time to save images with the implementation of certain filters
  4. Lacks a toggle to change the aspect ratio
  5. Lacks video camera support (only available on iOS via a separate app called Movie360)
What are you waiting for, Try it now!: 

Sample Pictures:

The Magic Color filter allows you to select certain colors to display 
The Sketch filter, gives the picture a nice touch
The Magic Color filter in action, a very nice filter...
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