Sunday, May 26, 2013

The iPhone Reaction

It has been about a year since i dove into the mobile phone industry and in the past year i have learnt quite a lot and enjoyed my research time. Fairingly enough, i'm still not ready to switch topics as unlike computers, mobile devices is a ever changing thing and i'm keen that evolution is just around the corner, so i'll stay by for about a year more. In today's topic i'll be talking about something which has always bugged me in and out when i hear about it. The topic is the iPhone reaction; it seems that today, everybody at least knows something about a smartphone and take for example is you ask about a smartphone the 'iPhone' phrase is sure to pop out into the conversation. In that same context, the iPhone has become to mainstream and has become as house phrase and people tend to say iPhone rather than saying the Galaxy S4. Another thing which i have been noticing when i am walking around and looking at people's phone and how they use it is that there is somehow a trend which android users are using an app similar to Apple's assistive touch. I really do not know why anybody wants that, in my conjencture these users think that their android phones will have the similar problem like the iPhone 4 in which the home button will stop responding. Its really ridiculous to even use that as i've never heard anybody broke their home button on their android device. Another thing is that, people seemingly want to theme their device like the iPhone and that is another #facepalm issue, really?!. Additionally last month when i tried the Galaxy S4 for the first time there was a new feature on the device which is similar to the assistive touch feature on iOS, so i asked the salesperson and he replied saying 'like the iPhone touch thing'. 

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