Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nokia Asha 501 Introduced, Breaking The Barriers

Well since announcing v2, i've not posted much about news here but today i am doing so because this is really just a breakthrough by Nokia. Going back to the topic, earlier today Stephen Elop went on stage in India and announced the newest member to the Asha family which is the Nokia 501. This device is truly special as it is the first device to usher in the new UI of Asha devices. The specs of this device is pretty blanch and includes a 3" 240 X 320 LCD capacitive screen, a 3.2MP camera, a 1200mAh battery, and a microSD card slot. Well these specs look really underwhelming in the world of quad cores and 8 cores, but what i think stands out the most in this device is the standby time of upto 48 days which is just 'mindblowing'. You have to remember that this device is not a dumbphone and can do nearly as much as a smartphone. On the downside of things this device does not come with 3G and only works with 2G but that can be overlooked by the $99 price tag and the targeted developing markets. In the line of hardware the Asha 501 doesn't come short as the body it comes in really resembles the Lumia lineup with bright and vibrant colors as well as a very close attention to detailing on the device itself. In the software side of things, Nokia is introducing a whole new user interface which include swiping gestures and swiping gestures. The whole navigation of the new software looks to be pretty similar to the swipe friendly meego OS. Apart from that Nokia also brought in their Xpress browser which is capable of compressing up to 90% of your data thus reducing your data usage. Alongside that Facebook and Twitter are also there out of the box and to add up to that 40 EA games are free and downloadable from the Nokia Store. Not coming up short Nokia also announces that popular applications like foursquare, wechat, CNN, etc are in the works for the Asha platform and will come soon. Additionally they also mentioned that HERE maps will be making its way to the Asha 501 by Q3. Well the main star of the software is what Nokia calls the fastlane which is one of the two homescreens present on the Asha 501. Fastlane is basically like a multitasking page for you where your most recent tasks are tabled there. To cut things short here the Nokia Asha 501 is not short of features for that $99 price tag. What it offers really is unbeatable at this price point. This phone might have pa standing chance at swaying users to get this device opposed to cheaper android devices. As i said earlier the year Low end handsets like the asha lineup by Nokia does make impact on this smartphone world. As to Nokia they are doing a very good job and they are following what Samsung is doing by giving their entire lineup the same look. But Nokia does it way better because Samsung merly just resize one device and call it another. Stay tuned for episode 1 of Perspective 101 which i will discuss about this matter in even more contrast.

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