Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 Initial Impressions, The First Aluminum Lumia

Earlier today Nokia held an event in London in which they unveiled the long awaited Lumia 925 codnamed catwalk. The device bears similar specs to the Lumia 920 and 928 but one thing which is different on the Lumia 925 is that the storage is only at 16GB and a microSD card slot is still MIA. Well let me recap the specs: a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4.5" 1280 X 768 OLED display, an 8.7MP Pureview camera, Windows Phone 8, and LTE support. Well in terms of the design of the Lumia 925, the device tops the chart of being the slimmest Lumia device to date measuring in at a staggering 8.5mm. The weight is significantly lower compared to the 920 and 928. Nokia achieved this with the inclusion of a aluminum band around the device which acts as an antenna for the device and gives the device a bit more rigidity. In the following days i will have a response article about Nokia's flagship WP8 device(s). From the surface it looks like Nokia just redesigned the 920 and that is what they did, but they also made the camera more powerful then ever. The MPx count is still the same but this time around Nokia added a sixth lens which is 1 lens more than the 920 and 928. The additional lens is a glass physical lens which accompanies the 5 plastic ones which are present on the 920. With the inclusion of this sixth glass lens, Nokia says that the ISO can now go up to 3200 and daylight as well as low light images will be more sharper than ever before. The 925 with its 6 element lens is the first in the industry and beat devices like the iPhone5 which has only 5 element lens. Well with the overall thinness of the device Nokia wasn't able to throw in wireless charging but they did provide an optional wireless charging accessory which connects through the 3 pin outs on the back of the device similar to the L720. The Lumia 925 has received quite a lot of reactions and one of them is the color which Nokia failed as they were only offering metalic colors for the Lumia 925 but that can be easily solved with the wireless charging back cover which comes in many different colors. Moving to the software sides, the Lumia 925 still runs Microsoft's WP8 but nokia has added a new app called Nokia Smart Camera Mode which is by default the main camera app and the main feature is its motion photo capabilities which are similar to action mode android devices (sample image below). The app is actually pretty cool and this will be soon be available to other Lumia WP8 devices via the Amber update coming in July. Alongside that Nokia has announced a new app coming to WP8 called Hipstamatic which is currently only on iOS. The main highlights of the app is the filters and the capability to post images to instagram. Overall the Lumia 925 seems to be an underwhelming device. The device will be hitting store next month for about 469euros. In the US this will be a T-Mobile exclusive device and in the UK it will be a Vodafone exclusive. Stay tuned for more content on the Lumia 925 coming your way in the coming days ahead.
Sample image taken on the Lumia 925
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