Monday, May 20, 2013

Jolla Announced Their First Smartphone, Yours For €399

Late last year a group of ex-nokia employees under the N9 and the meego platform formed a new company called Jolla Mobile and soon after that they showed off the OS which will be powering the device from the company which was called Sailfish OS. Fast forward to this day, the company has finally announced their first device which somehow doesn't have an exact name yet but for now i'll just call it Jolla's first smartphone.  This device will be pioneering the new operating system and in the hardware sides' the device packs a 4.5" display of unknown resolution, an unnamed dual core processor, an 8MP camera with LED flash, 16GB of onboard storage which is expandable via microSD slot, the ever so controversial user removable battery is present, and LTE in supported regions. The company said that this device will be yielding support for android apps. Moving to the outer of the device, which includes a two part construction which is the back cover and the phone, the design looks very simplistic and has a certain style to it and to top it off, multiple colors will be available.
"Carrying the DNA of Nokia with Colors"
"Jolla's phone might not have the apps but it's design is surely something to drool over"
I can see this phone really being a popular hit among people which are particularly keen for design because the amount of detail the team at Jolla put is just phenomenal. Personally i really like the design of it with the buttons and the two piece design, this really is the true successor to the N9 or in other words "the N9 reborn". Moving on to the nitty gritty info, Jolla is planning to launch this phone at first to selected European countries and in the near future more regions will get it. The price of the device is set at €399 or about $510, personally i think that the price is pretty reasonable but that is when i overlook the unannounced capabilities of the fresh OS. Additionally, device will be heading to users by the end of the year. It really looks like a tough battle for this new OS as they are not only competing with the heavyweight contenders but they also need to take on the new kids on the block which include Ubuntu, Tizen and Firefox. It seems to be a tough battle but i think Jolla is able to make it if they get the operating system correct because currently hand swiping gestures is pretty popular, so they are on the right track. In the same context they are having 3 pre order options for the device; the first one is a zero cost option which will include you a reservation of the device when it finally comes to your land; the second one is will cost you €40 and will get you a limited edition version of the device, a t-shirt and a priority status for you pre order; finally is the €100 deal which includes an exclusive back cover for the device, a t-shirt, and a €100 rebate off the total price of the device. You can check out more details here. As to more of my thoughts, i can't convey it because the company still has not officially revealed details on the sailfish OS in whole, so this will continue in a follow up article. To check out more photos of Jolla's first smartphone click here 
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