Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One, Which Will Come On Top ?

It is come to my attention that in the past few weeks or since i announced V2.0 of this blog i have been mainly writing about Samsung topics. So today i would like to adjourn this matter and in the coming weeks i will write about other topics so stay tuned. Also in the end of the month there are also some very interesting articles which are being planned for. Going up to the statement in hand today, i am here announcing that in the coming weeks i am going to release two in depth articles about both the HTC One and Galaxy S4. Actually at first this article was just a 1 part article but then i thought than between these two device i really can't crown a better device overall so i decided to break the article up and these articles will direct you to why one device is better than the other, so its a win win situation of the fans of both devices. Additionally, before i can write anything out i must have my hands on with the HTC One so it can be fair as i already had my hands on with the Galaxy S4. This will take some time as i will be busy the whole of next week so, i'll just have to sneak some time off to go to the HTC store and try out the HTC One. 

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